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Recreational Rhythmic Gymnastics Program

Open to every girl who has an appreciation for beauty and elegance! Best way to discover the wonders of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Recreational Rhythmics is appropriate for either the beginner or for the athlete who is interested in a non-competitive environment. The Recreational Rhythmics program is focused on fun and learning, with the eventual goal of performing group or individual routines. Gymnasts are guided through stretching, ballet, dance and rhythmic gymnastics body technique incorporating the use of rhythmic gymnastics ropes, hoops, balls and ribbons in harmony with music. This program is designed to develop fundamental body movements, basic coordination, concentration, rhythm, and team skills. Two types of classes are offered, regular and enhanced. The enhanced provides an extra thirty minutes of for more fun skills with ribbons, balls, hoops and ropes – this is the more popular class – girls really enjoy the creative work with apparatuses!