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Flexibility Training Program

Our flexibility program* is based on the latest stretching techniques. We apply static as well as dynamic and sport specific stretches to achieve maximum range of motion. All our stretching classes are designed to ensure safety and injury prevention. Our coaches have been developing their current stretching methods throughout their whole gymnastics and coaching careers. When attending the Grad School in University of British Columbia, Canada, BB wrote her Masters’ Degree grad paper on ‘Developing Flexibility’ and has attended a number of Flexibility workshops and summits with guest speakers from all over the World. BB and Ivanka have worked for years with figure skaters, dancers, gymnasts and cheerleaders and are very familiar with the specifics of each sport.

Group stretching classes:

Wednesdays from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

This 1.5 hrs. class includes work on overall and core strength, stretching and work on body technique.

Fee: $30 per session

Private stretching classes:

Get a stretching session designed to address the very needs of your child. Personal attention and partner stretches are the main focus of those sessions.

Fee: $80

Shared Private stretching classes:

Those classes include up to three people. The goal is to accommodate the needs of all two or three people attending the class.

Fee: $90 ($45 or $30 per person depending on the number of athletes/dancers)

*All stretching sessions take place in our Anaheim location.